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  • About BetterHealthBytes.

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  • The Flu: Decrease the Odds That You'll Succumb: Include These Four Essential Strategies in Your Prevention Plan, Flu Vulnerability Is Linked To Your Emotional Health - Your Emotional State Has Everything to do With Your Immune Functioning, Flu Vaccine Effectiveness/ Flu Vaccine Safety, What Approach Do Many Health Practitioners Use?

  • Taking Vitamin Supplements - The Sense and the Cents; The One Key Question You Must Ask in Choosing Your Vitamin Supplements - Learning to Answer This Question Could Save You Big Headaches - Literally!; Synthetic vs. Whole Food Vitamins - Here's How to Understand the Difference

  • Vitamin D - What You Need to Know. Learn the important facts covered here so you can make the best choices about whether and when to supplement. What is vitamin D? What does vitamin D do - why do we need it? What are low vitamin D symptoms? What are symptoms of high vitamin D? Which foods are good sources of vitamin D? Can You prevent the winter blues and seasonal depression (SAD) with vitamin D?

  • What is arthritis ? Do you have it? If so, find out which of these kinds, the better to address it effectively. My arthritis is not your arthritis: one symptom, many causes. Six of the top causes of joint inflammation described here.

  • Taking Vitamin Supplements - The Sense and the Cents; The One Key Question You Must Ask in Choosing Your Vitamin Supplements - Learning to Answer This Question Could Save You Big Headaches - Literally!; Synthetic vs. Whole Food Vitamins - Here's How to Understand the Difference

  • Adulthood - how Is this life passage designed? Learn this underlying pattern so you can use it to create a smooth and fulfilling grown-up life journey. What your grown-up life stages have to do with your parenting. Revealed: the basic elements of our adult life cycle. Special Focus: Who can you trust?

  • In this Issue: Break Your Stress Cycle with These Three Top Strategies. Revealing This Hidden Anxiety Cause Could Save Your Life. Don't Make This Biggest Emotional Health Mistake There Is.

  • This issue: How Healthy Are Your Hormones - for women, AND men. Plus, How Your Attitude Shapes Your Relationships

  • Your Emotional Self - Your Key to a Better Life; Your Health and Fitness Plan - Does It Contain This Essential Ingredient So Important to Your Success?; Ten Wierd Symptoms, One Root Cause

  • Dietary Fat and Physical Symptoms: Nine Top Symptoms Caused by Low Dietary Fat Intake; Cholesterol and Your Health; Your Emotional Life - A Complementary Resource for You

  • Brain Care Basics: Brain Fog, Brain Cells and Alzheimer's, Your Emotional Health - An Easy-to Follow System for Improving your Emotional Health Is Now Underway..., A Starting Place to Reintegrate Your Emotional Life.

  • Brain Neuron Degeneration & Mercury: How Mercury Damages Your Brain Cells, Mercury Exposure Facts, How Do You Become Exposed to Mercury ?

  • In This Issue: What is REAL Health Care Reform? The FIRST Thing to Do To Keep Yourself Emotionally Healthy. Is This Hidden Infection Setting the Stage for Cancer in Your Body?

  • Not very long ago depression was thought to be 'all in your head' - whether due to emotional issues or some neurotransmitter imbalance like serotonin. But depression is an emotional symptom, not a cause. Here are twelve of the top physical causes of depression:

  • There is quite a difference between people who occasionally "lose it" and do hurtful things and those who behave hurtfully as a matter of course. These differences are important and require special life skills for identifying these people and for learning how to take care of yourself when encountering them.

  • When you have a bunch of symptoms and you can't seem to identify any cause, you might consider something that so tiny it's almost impossible to see, and that something is mold. An incredible variety of health problems - some of them seemingly unrelated - can have mucky mold at their root. So you can better understand what you're dealing with and what to do about it, here's a short review for you - common questions and important things to know.

  • Irritable from INSOMNIA? You're not alone... here's what you can do... Reverse sympathetic dominance, reduce /eliminate circulsting cortisol, keep sleep-promoting herbal supplements on hand.

  • Any substances or situation that make it difficult for your body to produce thyroxine will weaken your thyroid and lower its functioning. Each of these is possible to address effectively.

  • Special Issue on Chemical Toxicity. Your Chemical Body Burden - What You Don't Know Can Hurt You. Modern people have become living, breathing synthetic chemical experiments. Use the following nine essential steps to reduce your risk:

  • Weight loss can be a frustrating process. Without this essential mineral, weight loss can be near impossible to achieve. Here's what to do to find out if you have adequate stores, and if not, what to do about it.

  • Can porous bones really be caused by politics? Is there a link, and if so, what is it? Here are some answers to these questions along with essential information on standard medical treatments for porous bones (osteoporosis).

  • A new shingles vaccine is currently being recommended to patients by their M.D.'s. Here are some facts about that vaccine and the three chicken pox vaccines to help you make a truly informed decision about receiving it.

  • Here is a detailed reference to use to know which of the two states your autonomic (or automatic, or reflexive) nervous system is operating in. This is so important because if we're stuck in one mode- the fight, flight or flee mode, or sympathetic response - we won't be able to digest, fight off infections or heal. And if we're stuck in the other mode - the rest, recover and heal mode, or parasympathetic response - we won't be able to mount effective action and 'rise to the occasion' when we need to.

  • No doubt you have some degree of heavy metal toxicity because that's almost impossible to avoid in this world. And no doubt you have some symptoms of metal toxicity, even though it's likely you don't recognize their cause. A toxic metal burden can cause an amazing number of symptoms that seem unrelated to each other. What is yours costing you?

  • Hormone problems affect every one at every age. And because hormones are the directors of organs and cells, hormones can cause hypothyroidism, blood sugar problems, estrogen dominance, unexplained weight gain and more. Always check for this primary hidden cause of hormone problems.

  • What is a symptom and what do symptoms mean? To effectively resolve any symptom of yours, learn how to answer these two questions accurately because that will make all the difference in truly resolving them.

  • Emotional relationships - those with a strong emotional bond have the greatest emotional satisfaction. Here are ways to increase your relationship satisfaction by strengthening its emotional foundation.

  • Check these twelve symptoms to discover whether you have lactose intolerance, and if so, what you can eat and what to avoid.

  • To make your own hormones in your own body - whether they are thyroid, estrogen, testosterone, insulin, or what - you will need these three crucial elements because they are the bottom line building blocks from which all hormones are made.

  • Self defeat and self sabotage are difficult to get a handle on to change them. That's because they are largely motivated by unconscious forces. Here are some basic agreements therapists and counselors use that you can make with yourself to turn it around.

  • Cell phones are here to stay, so use the following twelve top ways to protect yourself and your children from the radiation as much as possible.

  • Bioidentical hormones are popping up all over the place, but are they safe? Here are four essential facts to protect your when considering what causes symptoms and if hormone replacement is a choice you want to make.

  • The quality, health and satisfaction of all relationships depends on attending to emotional needs. But what are they? Here are the six most basic ones.

  • Quitting smoking successfully can be a real challenge. Here are two effective strategies you can use - one for the psychological cravings, and one for the physical ones.

  • Keeping female hormones balanced is a natural function of the female body. Why, then, do hormone levels fluctuate between low hormone levels or high, or anything but normal? Does the female body really require outside help to balance hormones? Here's a better way to acheive hormone balance that does not require hormone replacement with its dangers.

  • Feeling dizzy is no fun. But whether you have sudden dizziness or dizzy spells, dizziness is a symptom and not a cause. But what might it indicate? Here are 16 possibilities you can use to trace down causes.

  • When is being honest a good idea, and when can it not only get you in a heap of trouble, but be truly unsafe? Here are three examples to get you started, plus some recommended resources.

  • Should you include herbs or prescription drugs in your health care choices - or only one, or neither or both? Here are some basic facts about herbs and drugs every health consumer needs to make informed choices.

  • Symptoms come from your body's instant message system - denying them is perilous. Instead, tap in to your incredible innate healing capacities with these three keys...

  • How to Feel More OK About Yourself, Your Emotional Development throughout Life, Your Vaccine Choices, Finding Out Your Legal Rights Regarding Vaccinations

  • Individuation, Assertiveness and Conficts, Informed Vaccine Choices, Other Ingredients Found in Some Vaccines, The Nature of The Life Process

  • Annual checkups, lab tests, health screenings, vaccinations, prescription drugs - do they add up to better health? Consider these facts as you decide...

  • Headaches can be so distracting, and painful, and worrisome! It's enough to give you a headache! Get to the root of them by checking for these common causes...

  • Statins drugs top the list of most prescribed drugs, yet they have many people running scared, and some have switched to red rice yeast. How do statins work and what other choices are there?

  • Your top ten health concerns as voted on by people who want to improve their health and wellness through health tips that work are available here.

  • Diabetes statistics are rising at an alarming rate. How can you avoid becoming part of them? Here are the top three ways you can avoid succumbing.

  • Is your body forming stones? If so, you're headed for pain for sure. What causes kidney stones? Or what causes gall stones? Is there a common cause? Can you prevent kidney stones? Or gall stones? Here is one of the most common bodily conditions that precipitates stone formation, along with a simple way of addressing it.

  • Avoiding Alzheimer's is a major health goal of anyone familiar with the statistics. Here's proof of the links between toxic mercury and the neurodegenerative changes of Alzheimers. See for yourself, and then get your own free self-questionnaire in the resources listed here.

  • How to identify chronically hurtful people- before or after you get hurt.

  • Feeling tired all the time? Cranky? Irritable? Black mood? Nothing pleases you? It may be time to clean your liver. Here are ten ways to find out if you need it, and what to do if you do.

  • If you want to build bone, you have to do it the way your body needs you to. That means taking care of this often missed first step - before calcium or vitamin D or vitamin K or other minerals.

  • If you're eating food with genetically modified organisms (GMO's) in it, here's some evidence about reproductive tissue health, pregnancy, spontaneous abortions. Are they linked to GMO's?

  • Cholesterol has been demonized as if it's the devil in molecular form. But guess what - it's NOT. Here's what is...

  • LLowering your cholesterol -whether through diet or drugs - can be really bad for your bones. They need cholesterol to be healthy. Here's what you need to understand about it...

  • A cut, scratch, fracture, swollen anke, surgery, childbirth - all these are life situations that require healing. Here are proven ways to reduce the tine it takes and allow your body to do its healing work as rapidly as possible so you can get back to the life you desire.

  • Loss and grief are part of life. Our choice is to learn how to grieve so unfinished grieving process doesn't sabotage our lives. Here are some tips for life after loss when grieving is your top priority...

  • Your food, water and air are loaded with dangerous hormone-mimicking compounds called xenoestrogens. Use these 8 tips to reduce and eliminate your exposure...

  • Vague symptoms like belly pain, fatigue, intestinal discomfort, bloating can be symptoms of leaky gut. Getting to causes can be difficult. Here's what they might mean.and the top strategy recommended by health professionals to deal effectively with them.

  • It's been scientifically proven that your inner, emotional life determines your outer life actions and outcomes. Take this pop quiz to find out how yours is doing...

  • Sugar cravings can be amazingly powerful, often winning even when we know better. Use these strategies to minimize or eliminate them...

  • Your emotional self operates at the very core of your life, affecting everything you think and do. If you're neglecting your emotional life, you're setting yourself up for disaster. Learn how to avoid its disasters. You can create massive positive changes for yourself by paying attention to, and then improving how you take care of your emotional life needs.

  • You might think you're safe from nuclear radiation. Here's why that might be a false assumption, and how to use the top protective strategy experts recommend...

  • How is it possible that a physical symptom is even affected by your emotional state, let alone affects your ability to heal, for good or ill? Recent scientific breakthroughs are now mapping exactly how that happens. Here's a summary of what they're finding...

  • An amazing number of medical conditions have parasites at their root. Make no mistake - they're not just pests, they can kill you . Here are some clues you can use to assess your risk and some ways to clean house...

  • Can your emotional state actually affect your DNA? Russian scientists discovered that, even as you read these words, your emotional state is impacting your DNA. Here's how that takes place...

  • New resarch links the two - untreated depression and a higher rate of strokes. So what should you do if you're feeling 'down'? Here are twelve possibilities, all of which address causes of depression, rather than just the symptom.

  • About your heart attack risk - lack of this one essential mineral is a major contributor to heart attacks. Do this simple self test to find out if you need more...

  • Relationships with chronically hurtful people (CHP's) can be stressful. Here expert and author Roxanne Livingston describes what they're really like, the better to deal with them.

  • When you are under stress, do you rob your sleep to give yourself more time to do things? Here's why that's a really bad habit to develop...

  • Head trauma and brain injuries are all too common. Recognizing them when they happen can save a life.Plus, getting the appropriate help as quickly as possible means a speedier and more complete recovery. Here's what you need to know before it happens...

  • You no doubt know that you can 'catch' an infection such as a cold or flu from someone else. But did you know you can also 'catch' an emotional infection from someone? Here's how to know if that's going on and what you can do about it.

  • Times of extra stress often reveal that we have an emotional ‘fall-back’ position- an emotional strategy we employ to somehow manage when we feel overwhelmed,Unfortunately such strategies often stir up situations but do nothing to actually reduce the stress. Here's how to identify yours and what to do instead.

  • You can't prevent life changes. Whether they involve a birth, going through a divorce, a graduation, new job or changing career, even a death, your adjustment to these life transitions is unavoidable. Use these powerful messages to help you through all your life passages.

  • Here are the 2014 top ten health articles as voted on by mouse clicks of people all over the world who want to improve their physical and emotional health.

  • Your heart simply can't function without these three essential minerals, so be sure you're getting enough. The following list shows you how you can tell.

  • Use the resources outlined here to inform yourself about the some 250 (yes, two hundred and fifty!) vaccines that are or will be marketed to you...

  • Diabetes and blood sugar handling issues are dramatically increasing, yet some people are ditching their diabetes entirely. Here are some things they're doing...

  • If you have fatigue symptoms, are constantly tired or suspect you have thyroid problems,check to see if you have the symptoms listed here. If so, try these simple dietary tweaks to help you regain control...

  • Sure, a microwave is convenient - the effects of microwave mean you can go from the refrig or freezer to a meal ready to eat in a few minutes, but at what cost? What are the dangers of microwaving? Here are some essential, scientifically proven facts about microwave radiation you need to know to protect your health.

  • You're stuck with your genes right? A genetic error, an absent gene, a cancer gene, and you can do nothing about their expression, you might think. Actually, not exactly true...

  • What's the next step in your better health journey? Check out these possibilities. Whether you're looking to improve your physical health or your emotional one, you'll find clinically proven resources here that have stood the test of time - many of them free!

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