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 Feed your body, mind & spirit so you
         and your relationships can thrive.          Your Emotional Self, 
    Five Secrets for a
    Emotional Life

    This free eBook is designed to guide you in freeing yourself from
    any emotional treadmill,
 so you can take back control and plant
    yourself firmly on the track of a successful emotional life.            
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Raise EQ

Raise Your EQ

This free EQ Minicourse shows you how you can 
Take Charge of 
 Your Emotional Life  Raise Your
Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
in seven short steps. 

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 Your Emotional Nutrients

Your Emotional Nutrients

Online emotional support available when you need it - 24/7.

Designed to help you relieve your stress, anxiety,
resentment, fears, depression, heartache and grief.

Everybody needs emotional nutrients for a healthy emotional life.
Emotional nutrients support healthy parenting, help you
unravel limiting beliefs and free you to create what you want in life.
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Emotional Development 101

Emotional Development 101
Discover How to Thrive in the
Emotional Landscape of Life.

Learn the basics of a healthy emotional life in ten one-hour
streaming audio classes you can take
without traveling anywhere.

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 Cycles of Power

Cycles of Power: A Users Guide to the
Seven Seasons of Life

Our path through life is cyclical because we are part of nature
and nature is part of us. This universal human life cycle is
composed of six stages, with the seventh bringing return
to the first stage on a new level of maturity and
the round begins again.

The cycle and its stages begin at the very beginnings of our lives
and continue until our last breath, with each repetition built on
the foundation of previous ones.

You can find out how well you're doing in each stage. Use this
free questionnaire: Click here...

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French version of Cycles of Power: Les Cycles de l'Identité 

— Also Available —
The French translation of Cycles of Power:
Les Cycles de l'identité

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 Your Cycle of Life

The Cycle of Life:  Creating Smooth Passages
in Every Life Season

Pamela Levin's clinical research unveils a paradigm-shattering truth: that we human beings share a blueprint with everything that exists, and that when we learn to live in harmony with it, our transitions through every age and stage of life becomes smooth sailing.

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 Perfect Bones

Perfect Bones: A Six-Point Plan for Healthy Bones

. . . an all natural approach that shows you how to create
the nutritional balance at the core of healthy bones
and the body as a whole.

To check out the status of your own bones with the free
"How Healthy Are Your Bones: 84 Warning Signs" click here

 Natural Female Hormone Care


Natural Female Hormone Care 

Balance female hormones naturally -
no prescriptions, no additives, no chemicals, no kidding!
Weekly lessons delivered directly to your inbox.
Start with this
 free 206-item questionnaire to determine
how many of your symptoms - or those of your clients -
might be driven by hormonal issues
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 Lighten Your Load

Lighten Your Load: How to Release
Your Toxic Metal Burden

You can't avoid a toxic metal burden in this modern world.
Yet toxic metals drag down your health and give rise to a host
of issues.  How is your heavy metal burden affeting you?

To get your own free Toxic Metal Checklist, Click here...

 Culture and the Cycle of Life

Culture and the Cycle of Life Use the
Cycle of Life to Assess Any Culture

We are all affected by our cultural environment—through our
family, group, organization, work environment,
religious institution or educational establishment.

You can find out how healthy the cultures in your life are for you, for
your clients. Excellent for individuals and for couples, group discussions, parenting classes, recovery groups, etc.  Use the free assessment to check out
any culture, available here:
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